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Web Site Design and Development in India

Globalization of trade and commerce has made the work world smaller, especially in the software design and development industry. Availability of Internet services in the developing world has made the work world much smaller than in the 80s and early 90s. The location where a team is stationed is becoming less significant as productivity and cost factors become increasingly important for competing in the global marketplace. If your company web site design may involve considerable web development effort, as in the case for an eCommerce application, expenses can substantially be reduced by using developer resources from less expensive global marketplaces such as India

Dual Shore Web Development in India and US

Dual shore methodology is referred to the practice of using an onsite design and coordination team stationed where services are delivered and an off-shore development team stationed in a country where more economical workforce is available. Companies stationed in developed nations employ this methodology to reduce expenses related to software design, development, and support.

Web sites for large ecommerce companies need frequent changes to implement marketing plans and to update and offer various products and services. There can be substantial reduction in expenses if you use this methodology for ecommerce Web Site Design and Development where maintenance of the web site is of considerable effort. Also, exploiting the time difference between India and the US, an offshore team based in India and an onsite team based in the US, can work together effectively to provide round-the-clock customer support, without having to make either team work 24/7 hours. India has become the largest provider of outsourced software design and development, and customer support activities and is poised to become the global service provider to many Fortune 500 companies. The time difference between India and US, can also positively affect the project timelines during an iterative web site design process, where customers in US provide feedback at the end of business day and changes are delivered the next business day morning by web site development centers from India. The US team coordinates all project tasks and delivery of services to alleviate customers’ concerns about coordination with a team stationed on the other side of the planet. Thus, customers get the best of both worlds; transact with an American Company and get an affordable web site development pricing.

Affordable Web Site Design Pricing – India offshore model

Having a development center in India enables us to offer our company’s services at an affordable price to small and medium sized companies. The availability of more economical talent pool empowers our company to institute an aggressive web site design pricing policy and thus, we offer our customers affordable web site design and development packages.

Affordable Website Design pricing by offshore model

We offer a dual shore development model, where most of the key elements of design are done in the US and programming work is done in our offshore development center. Dual shore model enables our company to offer its website design services at an affordable price to medium and small sized companies. The availability of more economical talent pool empowers our company to institute an aggressive website design pricing policy to offer our customers economical website design and web development solutions. Click on one of the following website design quote links to get a two hour free web development consultation that outlines strategies for developing an effective custom website for your company. Two separate quote links are provided below: one for eCommerce website design quote, for companies who have considerable development work and another link for static website design quote

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