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The web content you portray on your website will speak volumes about your company and the services you provide. Content well presented and carefully thought out can capture the confidence of your desired audience, inspire them to enlist your services and at the same time educate them about the essentials of your services.

Developing web content rides on a different tangent from normal content development. There are several underlying factors to be considered such as the maintenance of meta-tags, keywords, titling and structuring of links. Most of this information may not be readily available from external sources but will be discussed in this article in as comprehensive and condensed a manner as possible.

There are several keys to achieving the perfect mixture of information and sales pitches without being too over-exposed. Content that creates a melt-in-the-mouth experience requires good writing skills, accurate judgment and vast knowledge of the material to be presented.

1. Understanding your Company’s Niche

Identifying your Company’s niche in the market is the most important thing you must do before developing your website content. This involves recognizing and playing up the uniqueness of your Company. Locate what sets your Company apart from all others. Focus on what gives you the edge over others and use subtle repetition to drive the message home.
The best way to tackle this is to get to know your competitors. Begin by researching on their websites and locate their unique selling proposition. Utilize your research data to further structure your strategy. You may have to review your Company objectives and services with an expert business consultant to locate your strong point and build on it.

2. Outlining Key Services

It is very important to sound knowledgeable on and present content relevant to your line of services. Letting the user know that you are capable of providing the services is as essential as having the expertise. Utilize information from your research on competitors to focus on the services you wish to provide. This process shall help you draw out a completely new realm to your business.

3. Zeroing Down on Demography

If you are in the business of providing e-commerce merchandise, zeroing down on demographic will play a very important role in your Web Content Development. The writing style employed to effectively capture user attention varies from one age group to another. If you are targeting teenagers, the content you develop will have to be extra-concise to appeal to their shorter concentration span.

4.Scoping the Content

Once you capture the key services and fix on the demography you wish to focus on, defining the scope of the content will be more or less intuitive. To give shape to your content, you will have to spend time dwelling on the right questions. You may also have to consult with content experts to put your ideas across in a winsome manner.
Some questions that could get you started are:

  • What are the services you specialize in?
  • Who is your target audience?
  • What do you want to achieve through your content?
  • Is the content relevant to your audience?
  • Is it interesting and convincing?
  • Does it capture your attention?
  • Is it structured well?
  • Have the keywords been given proper exposure?
  • Does it violate any copyright acts?
5.Optimizing Content for the Web

Your website could be strong on design and content, but without Search Engine Optimization, it will not reach your target audience. Search Engine Optimization ensures that your website appears in the first results page when users search for a particular service.
Part of the challenge in optimizing your Web Content for search engines is to locate the keywords or key phrases that users of your demography tend to use when searching for services in your line. Once you locate this, make sure that you embed those keywords into your content fairly frequently. It is important to use article titles and paragraph titles that can be directly associated your service rather than use literary titles.

6.Writing and Re-Writing

Web Content Development involves a great deal of writing and re-writing of the content to achieve the perfect blend of idea, structure and readability. Some points to keep in mind when structuring and editing your content are:

  • Avoid ambiguity.
  • Use grammatically correct sentences.
  • Present not more than one idea per paragraph.
  • Present information in a sequential manner.
  • Use neutral sentences wherever possible.
  • Avoid repetition of content unless as part of a literary style.
  • Refrain from using boastful or exaggerated language.
  • Pay attention to include only relevant information.

Web Content should be presented in a clear and concise manner. Content that is not well presented can result in confusing the user and draining their confidence in your services. To ensure that your Web Content is as effective as you want it to be, you may have to create and discard several revisions of your content.
When you are satisfied with the content you have produced, seek a layman’s opinion of the same. In all likelihood, you may have used technical jargon that might jeopardize the connection users will have with your content.

7. Presentation

Presentation of content is another art form in itself. There are several factors that have to be taken into consideration while presenting content. Firstly, one of the key things in presenting content is to leave enough breathing space. This shall vary depending on the space you have assigned on the webpage for the content. It is essential that the content be well spread out on the page and that the paragraphs are small and non-exhaustive. Statistics show that majority users only scan the information presented. It is therefore essential to put across the most important facts in an eye-catching manner. This can be achieved by:

  • Using short paragraphs
  • Including only one point per paragraph
  • Highlighting the keywords
  • Presenting points and facts in bullet form
  • Using font and text color that suits the demographic and Website.
8. Top-Notch Information

The last and final key to good Web Content is to always update the information provided. Web Content Development is at its most effective when the information provided is fresh, relevant and up-to-date. Assign periodic intervals within your business year to check for additional information relevant to your services. It is also necessary to remove information that is irrelevant and out-dated.


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