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Frequently Asked Questions about Website Design

This section is to provide answers to some of the Frequently Asked Questions about our company’s website design practice. If you would like to receive an answer to a specific question not listed here, please submit them thru our Contact Us or Informational Website Design Quote links.

Web Design FAQ – For Who?

This section contains the frequently asked questions related to the website design process of our company. There are also questions that are general in nature about the website business that are meant for the scores of visitors who read educational material on our website.
We encourage you to submit any feedback you may have regarding this Web Design FAQ section, or any other sections of our website, using the Contact Us link.

1. How much does it cost to develop a custom website?

The cost to have a website designed varies from US $500 to US $25,000 for a small to medium sized company. The price will vary based on the complexity of your website. You can request an estimate from our company using the links eCommerce Website Design Quote or Informational Website Design Quote If you would like to know more about what truly makes a website custom, you can find more information on our Custom Website Design Services page.

2. What are the process steps involved in designing a website by your company? What are the expectations from your customers during the process?

We have outlined a step-by-step process for creating an effective design on our website design company page, ‘The nine steps of website development process of our company’. The effort to develop information design and content are the steps that involve considerable effort from the customers. The hours you need to spend on designing a 10 page website can vary from 40 to 100 hours. If you would like to use our advanced web page structure methodology, the hourly estimate of the effort for designing a 10 page website can vary from 80 to 200 hours.

3. Can your company’s consultants review my existing website to make recommendations?

We offer a free two hour website redesign consultation to suggest any possible improvements such as:

  • Structural changes that will improve your navigation
  • Changes required to increase visibility on the Internet
  • Improving brand image
  • Recommendations for pages and content topics that add value to your website
  • Possible domain names available for your company
4. How do I register a new website address?

There are a number of domain registrar companies that provides domain registration services online. If you would like us to make recommendations from the companies that we use, please Contact Us.

5. What is the purpose of writing educational information on your website? Why do you share your internally developed tools?

There have been several questions related to the content on our website. Articles on our website cover: eCommerce website design, Small Business Website Design, Custom Website Design, Website Design How-to-Rules, and Website Marketing and Internet Promotion. We would like to share our expertise with our visitors for the following reasons:
  • It is an educational process for our prospective customers. If our customers read through our web pages, they will be familiar with our methodology and thus be well prepared to go through the process with us.
  • We would like a website that is rich in content related to our line of business. It attracts a lot of visitors and is an effective viral marketing strategy. You can read more about such marketing strategies on our Internet Website Promotion and Marketing page
6. What is the typical duration for a website design project by your company?

Most of the work related to designing a typical 10 page static website may be done in about two weeks. We would like our customers to be extensively involved in designing the information structure and content for the websites. In many instances, we have observed that our customers are not able to dedicate resources for the website design project, affecting project deadlines. Our templates and tools will guide you through the process to stimulate your innate ideas. However you must dedicate your resources such that the vision and goals of your organization are translated into graphics and text on your page. You may read more about the process of our company on The nine steps of website development process of our company page.

7. Can I periodically update the web page contents myself?

Some of the technologies that we use will empower you to edit the text content on your website without any help of programmers.

8. How can I write good content for my website?

This indeed is an important question related to website design process! Importance of writing business specific content for your website may be read on our Small Business Website Design page. Our ‘How to design a website’ section also has ideas related to this topic.

9. What domain name should I choose?

It is advantageous to have a URL with words that relate to your business such that your websites will come up in searches on the Internet. We also provide recommendations based on available domain names.

10. What web hosting services should I choose?

You can use shared or dedicated servers to host your webpage. We have a detailed analysis on this topic on our Professional Web Hosting and Web Site Design page.

11. What is the difference between a static website page and a dynamic one?

Static pages are stored on the server as an exact copy of what you see under a link, whereas dynamic pages offer variations of pages based on cookies. Dynamic pages are used to offer customized or personalized content, specific to a visitor or a group of visitors.

12. Do you provide website design and web hosting services?

Yes. We have discount packages available when you choose us to design and host your website. Factors you must evaluate while choosing a web hosting provider are outlined in our Professional Web Hosting and Web Site Design page.

13. Do I have the rights to modify your design for my website? Will you use same design for another customer?

Once customers pay all due fees for our website design services, the website design or a modified version of the design may be used by our customers. We do not reuse any design or graphics you choose for your custom website design.

14. What are the benefits of designing a website for my company?
The benefits you gain by designing a website are outlined in our Small Business Website Design and Custom Website Design pages.

15. If I have my own hosting services provider and if you develop the website design, will you upload my website files to the hosting server?

We can upload the files to your web hosting services provider’s server. It is preferable to choose a hosting company that provides FTP access to the server so that we can upload multiple files at one time.

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