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Flash started as a small plug-in for Internet Explorer and Netscape and now, with Flex and Action Script, you can use Flash for interactive business applications. Flash is popular for delivering media content and is well integrated with browsers. Studies show that viewers were able to recollect more information from Flash-enabled websites than from other static text websites.

Are flash-enabled websites better than static ones?

The pros and cons must be carefully analyzed before you choose to design your website with a Flash-animated introduction. Visitors may remember more information if they watch the clips, but will they even watch it, or click skip to pass? Surveys show that there is also a good percent of population who would even exit a flash website, if the introduction starts with animation.

However, your company specific requirements need to be carefully considered before making a decision in favor of or against using flash-enabled website designs. There are many effective interactive flash animation websites on the internet. If your company is an advertising one that wants to create an impact about your execution style to your website visitors, flash is a good choice. Always evaluate to see if you can give your website visitors an option to choose between a flash version website and a non-flash version one. Many people visit your website from their work desk in an open office environment and sound clips can make them exit your websites immediately. If you introduce your homepage with a flash website, allow the users to optionally turn the volume on. You must also look at other competing technologies such as Java, though each has its own strengths and specific applications.

Flash Website Vs Its Competition

Flash is easy to maintain because of its seamless update process. Flash has a different level of interactivity with the viewer because of its ability to effectively synchronize sound with frames you see. A purposefully designed flash website is impressive and engaging, and could be effectively used for entertaining applications. Web is primarily considered a visual interface. Flash lets you add a new interface dimension - the use of auditory information - to facilitate information retrieval by your website visitors.

Years ago, the key question from users and website designers was ‘Which is better between Java and Flash?’. However, recently marketers of these products seem to have found their own application areas. Flash is more widely used for browser based user interface, whereas Java is predominantly used for server-side programming. For average web user, however, Java is still a chat application, whereas Flash presents interactivity and presentation style

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